Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

 Environmental management policy

Nittan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

              Nittan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. manufactures of engine Valve Intake and exhaust for car ,motorcycle and multi-purpose vehicle, awareness and take responsibility for social and environment. We are committed to protecting the environment in a sustainable way. Under the Environmental Management System ISO14001: 2015 adhere to the following principles and perform any of the following.

1. Environmental policies and objectives align with the corporate intent and context of organization.

2. To comply with relevant government, regulations and environment registrations.

3. Prevention and reduction the impact of environment happen. From activities of Company's operating for direct and indirect.

4.To promote for protection of environment and prevention of pollution could occur. Use the resource sustainable.

5.To continuously develop and improve the environment management.

6.To enhance employee understanding of environmental management. Focus on communicating with employee, customer and outsider who work inside the company.

The announcement:  October 16, 2017.

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